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The Central New York area is becoming a focal point of entrepreneurial activity.  There is an abundance of resources to assist the budding entrepreneur.  

Listed below are some links to organizations that can help you get started.  
The Tech Garden has a substantial resource center devoted to providing start-up 
assistance.  The Tech Garden Resource Center provides a readily indexed
and web available list of entrepreneurial resources and publications. 

The Tech Garden Entrepreneurial Resources List

Web Sources That Would be Helpful to Entrepreneurs

Websites that either have articles, how-to guides, templates for business plans, invoices, etc and many have links to other entrepreneurial resources or help pages. (Note: These resources are all bookmarked and resident on the computers located in the STG Resource Center and available for your use at any time.)

Online Database Resources

Resources that provide information either on companies and their specifics or databases with articles and journals from hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

  • Hoover's 
    - Database of corporate information including information on specific industries, executive contact information, subsidiary information, corporate structures, and financial information. 
    - Can be paid for with each report, or there are 4 different subscription options based on the level of information you would like to access.
  • OneSource
    - In-depth company profiles similar to the information found on Hoovers. 
    - Subscription based    
  • ZapData
    - Database for identifying specifics of companies in specific areas.
    - Useful sales to other businesses, prospects for mailing lists, and gaining business information such as market segmentation.
    - Subscription or individual report pricing.
  • Thompson-Gale
    - Information research source for libraries and businesses.
    - Full text of magazine and newspaper of 600 databases that are published online, in print, as eBooks and in microform
    - Free Trial, but then subscription based.
  • Lexis-Nexis
    - Subscription-based for coporate resources.
    - Solutions for legal counsel, marketing, public relations etc.
    - Over 5 billions articles searchable online.    
  • Factiva
    - Provider of business information to companies worldwide.
    - $69.95 annual subscription, or $2.95 per document or picture viewed.
  • Northern Light
    -Single Point Market Research, business and enterprise search engines, etc.
    -Subscription based but not sure how much
  • Thomas Net
    - Information on industrial companies.
    - Subscription based, but not completely, you can still search without a subscription
  • New York Online Virtual Electronic Library- Business and Company Resource Center
    - Access to financial overviews, articles, etc.
    - Also has newspaper archives
    - Can be accessed through a library, or with a New York State Driver's license.
  • PR Newswire
    - Online database for Press Releases from companies all over the world as well as business news.
  • RBA- Rochester Business Alliance
    - Esstential Connections for the Rochester Area.

Avaiable News RSS Feeds

News feeds that come automatically to your computer

Go to to access the news feeds. 
Username: Techgarden 
Password: Techgarden

News Sources for Entrepreneurial and Small Business News

Funding Sources

This encompasses funding source guides, Angel Funds, Venture Capital sources as well as websites with databases of funds.

Government Resources that may be helpful to entrepreneurs

List of all Periodical Subscriptions in the Business Intelligence Center
See attached sheet for publications we subscribe to, as well as their renewal dates and costs.

Periodicals Subscriptions that should also be included

Available Technology and Entrepreneurial Newsletters

  • Infoworld
    - Free weekly and monthly newsletters, delivered to your e-mail on IT infrastructure, emerging technology, government regulations, etc.
    - Choose which newsletters you wish to subscribe to.
  • MIT Tech Review e-newsletters
    - Daily Emerging Technologies Update plus weekly updates on specific industries, such as nanotech, etc.
  • Gaebler Ventures
    - Entrepreneurial vision newsletter, free e-mail sign up
    - Free e-books on Technology, Sales and Marketing, Starting a Business, etc.    
  • Zero Million 
    - Free Entrepreneurship Newsletter

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