50+ College Entrepreneurs Developing Student Ventures in the Sandbox this Summer

Syracuse Student SandboxOnce again, some of the most dynamic young startups in the country are coming to The Tech Garden this summer to incubate and accelerate in the award-winning Student Sandbox. The program is a joint venture between The Tech Garden, Syracuse University and other regional colleges and universities.

The Syracuse Student Sandbox is a unique initiative that gives aspiring student entrepreneurs the resources to make their visions a reality. The objective of the Sandbox is to accelerate the process of ideation, development and deployment through mentoring and coaching. The 14-week experiential based program has an end-goal of producing revenue generating entities or investment ready firms.

A full-time Entrepreneur in Residence guides teams through the program and serves as a coach and conduit to the community. Each team has up to five assigned mentors who are professors, entrepreneurs, technologists, subject matter experts, attorneys and accountants.

Housed at and supported by The Tech Garden, the newly redone Sandbox is a 4,000 square foot collaborative facility complete with conference area, 'hangout' space and a ton of whiteboards. Initially started as a Kauffman Foundation Enitiative program, the Sandbox is now open to all schools within Upstate New York. Student teams from these schools are sourced from course work, events and outreach.

The Sandbox was established in 2009 as a follow on to course work at Syracuse University. In 2009 the Sandbox hosted just 5 companies, all from SU. In 2010 this number grew to 13 companies and included three institutions. There will be 23 companies in the 2011 program from six institutions in upstate NY.

The local entrepreneurial community has also grown with more than 40 mentors involved with the student teams (compared to four in 2009). The Sandbox has several successful graduates in its short history and is looking to expand the program and further develop an entrepreneurial eco-system.

2011 teams include:

  • Active Music Agency – A concert booking and interactive media company.
  • Bloodhound – An application that aggregates data on your favorite authors from your trusted sources.
  • - The marketplace for unique products, one of a kind designs, and inventions.
  • Calibr – A mobile networking app that is your compass in navigating social meet-ups.
  • Cans for Causes - Demonstrates the power of recycling to increase philanthropic giving.
  • Chatlynx - A browser sidebar that allows you to find what others are talking about.
  • Cinaste – Social media solution for entertainers to connect, create and control.
  • DANI - Manufactures and markets wireless connected health nutrition devices and mobile applications.
  • Groundswell – Social network application to help plan your night.
  • Helios - Products using UV-C technology to safely eliminate bacteria, and sterilize objects and surfaces.
  • iGetMoreFit - Connecting fitness sensors to your iPhone.
  • Inebri+aided – Hangover technicians – Homemade and delivered to your door.
  • Lujo - Mobile health solutions company concentrating on health and fitness applications.
  • Luukxi - A development platform enabling apps and organizations to leverage geo-location
  • Meeting sprout – "Revolutionizes the way people organize and schedule over a calendar based platform"
  • - The online gallery for people and companies' best work!
  • SafeSip – Date rape prevention solutions for college students.
  • StampedeIt – Leveraging the power of group buying for digital goods and services.
  • SqueezeMyTees - Sells t-shirts in response to viral campus events.
  • The Front – A network of storefront spaces aimed at transforming the abandoned face of Syracuse.
  • Touch Not - Hands free contactless device enabling basic commands with simple user input.
  • Venue Spy – A solution for broadcasting live, streaming audio and video from venues near you.
  • Wavelink - Allows you to highlight, annotate and edit on any website then share privately in one click.