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The Gallery at The Tech Garden - Next Opening April 3rd from 5-7 PM

Artist in Residence Kristina Starowitz kicks off her first show at The Tech Garden Art Gallery this spring (2014). Kristina comes to us after 7 years of curating and directing the Westcott Community Art Gallery with a unique background in both fine arts and business. At the Tech Garden, she will engage the community through hosting events and forging partnerships with other local businesses and organizations. As curator, Kristina seeks to foster a sustainable creative community in Syracuse by connecting individuals and businesses with local artwork.

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Hours of Operation: Starting April 7, 2014: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 4:00pm 

Artist in Residence/Curator (March 2014-present): Kristina Starowitz

Artist in Residence/Curator (March 2013-2014): Maria Rizzo

Artist in Residence/Curator (Nov. 2011-March 2013): Ty Marshal


IGNITE THE SPIRIT: Central New York Women in Art will showcase a variety of artwork by local women artists in cooperation with the WISE Symposium. The Show opens on Thursday, April 3, 2014 with an opening reception from 5:00-7:00PM.

Past Exhibits:

Juried Art and Poetry Competition:  Trees: Symbols of Powerful Experiences

Maria Rizzo concluded her time as Artist in Residence - The Tech Garden was sad to see her and is sincerely appreciative of the amazing exhibits she brought to The Tech Garden. 

Her last exhibition explored the history of the symbolism of trees and their role in today's environment.  Please go to The Tech Garden EVENTS tab for more information.

Other past events:

"Our World through Local Art", a group exhibition that celebrates our world through the art of five talented Syracuse-area based artists. The five artists who have been invited to exhibit their work are as follows: Domenico Gigante, a self-taught fine artist whose recent series depicts the coastal towns, mountains, and water of his native region of Puglia, Italy. He feels his paintings are “… like souvenirs that I have made. Souvenir is a word borrowed from French which means keepsake, and to remember or recall.”Shailesh Joshi, a native of Ahmedabad, India, is a self-taught fine artist whose paintings are about seeing color in nature as a metaphor for the spiritual. His vision of the world is meditative and “fills the spirit with bliss.” Ty Marshal’s "pink cloud" illustrations, paintings, sculptures, and objects are inspired by the time he spent living in Arizona, some ten years ago. Wendy Pitoniak, a Syracuse native, is a self-taught artist who discovered her creative passion during her formative years. Initially she created pieces using recycled materials, but later she fell in love with the medium of watercolors. She is inspired by the countryside of New York State. Clare Willson is a British native who formed her own seamstress business specializing in designing costumes for theater productions.  Health reasons gradually forced Clare to consider new ways to express her passion. Now paralyzed on the left side and unable to manipulate fabric, she taught herself to paint with her right hand. She recycles metal pieces (jewelry, springs, washers, and computer parts) on canvas in order to create unique images. The “morphing” of old metal inspired the name of her business, Metalmorphosis.

"Fictional Reality and Radical Sanity: A Girl in Progress" a solo show that celebrates the art of Syracuse-based Pop Surreal/Lowbrow painter Eugenia Mancini Horan.

"Using fingers instead of brushes, my goal is to use color, subject, and simplicity to try to tap back into the psyche we had as children.  The world was bold and vibrant.  We were playful, devious, and mischievous without fear.  And the world was ours, just ours, for the asking.  Time teaches us to color in the lines; aging expects us to act like aults.  I reject that stigma in my life and in my work," says Mancini. 

This is a solo painting exhibition that will be exhibited at The Gallery at The Tech Garden from September 5 until September 30, 2013.

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Syracuse, NY (July 4, 2013) - Artist-in-Residence and Curator at The Tech Garden, Maria Rizzo is proud to present, “Mentors: 4 Influential Women Artists” a group show that celebrates the art of four professional female artists who have greatly influenced Rizzo's young art career: Maria Grazia Facchinetti, Marianne Smith Dalton, Angela Arrey-Wastavino and Linda Bigness. Opening reception will be at The Gallery at The Tech Garden, July 25th, 2013 from 5 to 7 pm. Event is free and open to the public, light refreshments will be served.

Rizzo's relationship with all 4 of these women artists is rooted in a unity of purpose: all are fine arts professionals with a lifelong passion toward creativity and involvement in the arts. Rizzo’s first relationship began with Maria Grazia Facchinetti, an Italian painter, who was profoundly instrumental in Rizzo's decision to become a professional artist. Facchinetti was essential in helping start Rizzo's art career by providing advice on submitting work for juried exhibitions on both the local and national level. Marianne (Smith) Dalton was the first artist/curator who believed in Rizzo's work by including her paintings in a group exhibition at the Red House Rothenberg Gallery in 2011. That exhibition led to other opportunities for Rizzo, helping to launch her career forward. Angela Arrey-Wastavino’s exceptional networking skills and deep involvement in a variety of arts and educational organizations in and around Syracuse taught Rizzo the importance of networking. It also helped illustrate the importance of supporting other artists and the idea that only a true interest in others delivers a true interest in oneself. Linda Bigness has also been an important figure in Rizzo's art career. Her professionalism and excellence in running her art practice has been a model of inspiration and instrumental in Rizzo’s 2013 Artist-in-Residence appointment at The Tech Garden.

All 4 of these women share a passion for the arts, strong talent and unyielding professionalism in reaching their goals. They each have a story to share and advice to give for other artists who want to dedicate their lives to the arts. The exhibition "Mentors: 4 Influential Women Artists" serves a dual purpose which is to showcase their incredible work and to give other emerging artists and art enthusiasts the chance to meet and learn from them. The scheduled Q&A with the exhibiting artists is set for Thursday, August 1st at 5 pm, at The Tech Garden. It is a unique opportunity for all emerging artists to ask these established professional’s questions and to learn the many roads that lead to a life centered on the arts. Full exhibition runs July 24th to August 22nd, Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm., at The Gallery at The Tech Garden, in Syracuse.


International photographer, Jason DeBose, will speak about his art at the opening reception for his solo exhibition “They Left 150 Years Ago" on Thursday, May 30th at 6 p.m. at The Tech Garden. The reception is free and open to the public.

“They Left 150 Years Ago” is a visual introduction to the Finnish city of Tampere and its local lifestyle, as well as a visual look at the Finnish influence on America’s northeast cities and at Finnish-American heritage. The exhibition also aims to reenergize the dormant sister city relationship between the cities of Syracuse, NY and Tampere, Finland; official ties originally established over 20 years ago with the co-hosting of a boxing competition. This exhibit will be the first portion of a two part engagement that focuses on the sister city relationship. The second portion, a premier screen of the Finnish black comedy film, “Iron Sky” will be announced shortly.

 Jason DeBose is an acclaimed photographer from Pasadena, California. Mr. DeBose's work has been showcased internationally, including the countries of Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Estonia, and United States. The exhibition will be on display from May 30th to July 15th at The Tech Garden in Syracuse.




















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