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3pound health

3 pound health is a software company committed to transforming the pursuit of health and wellness by empowering individuals and engaging communities through technology. We focus on the principles of human behavior and the power of connecting people utilizing information in unique ways . Our software platform is purpose-built to expand the reach and impact of proven,evidence based health and wellness programs



Augmented Reality Concepts

Augmented Reality Concepts has developed an interactive and engaging 3D augmented reality application designed to enhance brand to consumer interactions. As mobile devices increasingly become consumer's main information portals, companies are yearning for a mobile solution. Glypher, our proprietary mobile app, offers visually stunning mobile marketing technology that engages consumers in a way never before seen or experienced. To see a campaign we put together for a women's accessories brand please view the video at this link:

BELT Project

BELT Project is an integrated communications firm providing commercial and federal organizations consulting & IT Infrastructure solutions. BELT provides a solution through their infrastructure development program-IDP. IDP primarily focuses on Government Services, Educational Institutions and Healthcare EMR/EHR, IDP’s three main elements of communications: voice, video and data are converged into one interoperable modular and scalable package utilizing: Satellite Communications, Broadband Wireless Access & Connectivity, VoIP Connectivity, Application Integration, CRM, Service Assurance and Disaster Recovery Plans. wanted a system to help establish a web presence worthy of remark. They wanted tools to establish, track, manage and improve our web presence. Since these tools didn't exist, they set out to build them. It is important to show up above other people when your name is searched, you want to create high ranking links that push positive content up and bury any unwanted or inaccurate results. The Reputation Feed streams notifications, alerts and recommendations to help you build your brand every day. It notifies you about new content mentioning you, keeps you up to date with industry trends, provides targeted job openings, and recommends next steps to strengthen your brand online.


Bouncir is changing the way people pick their nightlife destinations. They have a free website + mobile application that allows anyone to get a live look into bars, clubs, and music venues in their area BEFORE they head out for the night.

Ephesus Technologies, LLC

Ephesus Lighting Inc. is an innovative lighting company that designs,engineers,and manuactures LED lighting in Syracuse,New York. Ephesus is developing the next generation advanced LED lighting fixtures that will enrich and illuminate the world.

Good Monster

Good Monster is a company that helps small businesses meet new customers. And how do they do that? This marketing company helps businesses develop their marketing plan.


Govsphere is a global strategy and technology consulting and development firm dedicated to providing services and solutions to Federal, State, and Local government agencies, including: business process reengineering, strategic planning, organizational development, and information technology management. Govsphere is a virtual STG client.

Hometown Lawyers is a website that is dedicated to connecting the general public with Highly Skilled lawyers infive specific areas of law: Matrimonial Law, DWI Law, Personal Injury/Worker’s Comp Law, Bankruptcy Law and Criminal Law. These 5 categories of lawyers are the ones that most people may need at some point in their lives.

Nectar Partners

At Nectar CleanTech, they apply rigorous standards to educate decision makers. Through this methodology, they achieve theirprimary mission: to accelerate the adoption of energy saving technologies for a more sustainable future.investigate and test technologies before they work to

To date, they have fully investigated LED luminaries and control technologies, and they can state that the future of whole-building LED lighting is here. Investigations into solid oxide fuel cells, wind turbines, and active glass technologies are underway.

To continue this research and education, they are forming Nectar CleanTech, a non-profit 501(c)3 education foundation.

New York Business Development Corporation (NYBDC)

NYBDC, which is a 127-bank economic development lending institution, is one of the largest SBA lenders in the country. NYBDC manages an approximately $1 billion loan portfolio.


The New York Family Business Center gives family owned business owners and managers opportunities to interact and learn from each other and from family business professionals. Members will develop the strategies and policies to achieve their goals and objectives. The Center provides tools, resources, consulting, training, interaction, and education specific to family owned businesses in upstate New York in a nurturing and confidential environment.

Page 44 Studio

Page 44 Studios is a video game development company. It has expanded its operation to Syracuse at STG; its corporate headquarters are in San Francisco. Their clientele include Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEA), Electronic Arts (EA), Activision and Disney Interactive Studios. This "landing zone" tenant is the genesis of a game development cluster at STG.


PaleoPax is the best place to find Paleo snacks on the web. Eating Paleo is easy when you have time to cook fresh foods, but when you are traveling, at the office, or too busy to cook, our snacks will help you stay Paleo! We’ve aggregated all the best Paleo snacks into one simple online store, so you don't have to buy from all over the web to stock your pantry. With one purchase, you can get all your favorite Paleo snacks.

Professional Tradesmen, Inc.

Professional Tradesmen, Inc., is an electrical contractor and a Tier 1 Energy Efficiency partner with National Grid.

Specialties include: consulting engagements; product sales; energy efficiency ROI calculations; data center design builds; security installations; lighting projects; smart buildings and design build planning for retrofits, additions, and new construction. is a software developer with a website serving more than 16,000 paying members of the global translation community.

Rapid Cure Technologies

Rapid Cure Technologies, Inc. custom formulates resins, coatings, paints, inks, and adhesives that are 100% solids. These cutting edge products are environmentally and user friendly and cure nearly instantly when exposed to ultraviolet light or electron beam energy. Rapid Cure Technologies, Inc. has its corporate offices in Syracuse, New York at The Tech Garden with research, development and manufacturing in Saratoga Springs, New York.

RenAir LLC

RenAir helps determine the suitability of a site for construction on wind energy products. They also help increase wind farm productivity to therefore increase their revenue as well. The end goal is to develop a multipoint wind data collection and site-wide wind mapping technology that costs less than $0.5/kW installed.


Rounded develops cutting-edge websites that integrate advanced tools and social media platforms with unique approaches that define and brand individual clients. The company focuses on emphasizing the functional visual component in web design while considering the individual user experience. Not only does Rounded specialize in web design, but the team is experienced in mobile web development, web applications, and mobile web applications.


Smartup Management

Smartup Capital LLC invests in early stage ventures developing new technologies to spur ethical human progress and to grant its members high, uncorrelated returns.

Find your partner, not just an early investor.


Solon Quinn Studios

Solon Quinn Studios is a multi-national award winning commercial production firm dedicated to pushing the envelope in visual advertising. Its offices are located at 235 Harrison St in Downtown Syracuse. Its clients include: Bank of America, Donald J Pliner, Syracuse University, Eric Mower and Associates, Say Yes to Education, The Pinckney Hugo Group, Stickley Audi Co, Community General Hospital, Cowley Associates, King + King Architects.


Spark.Orange will create, develop, and deliver impactful technology strategies and solutions that enable your employees, clients, partners, and community, to realize positive growth.

Syracuse Design Group, LLC

Syracuse Design provides online solutions for companies large and small. Concept to completion services – web design and development, online newsletters, e-commerce, content management systems, search engine optimization, hosting and site maintenance. Recent notable sites are AmeriCU, Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse Convention & Visitors Bureau, CNY Technology Development Organization and the The Tech Garden.


Their overall mission is to shift the community to buy local as frequently as possible. By working to connect these local businesses, they can create solid foundation.They seek to increase market share to our independent business members by promoting local awareness and education.

Syracuse First is committed to preserving the character and vitality of our economy. They will continue to educate citizens, stakeholders, business leaders and legislators about the buy local movement.

Tech Bridge LLC

Tech Bridge provides regulatory consulting services for healthcare technology companies who have potential growth capability and are seeking market approval in the U.S., China and Japan. Tech Bridge strives to fill the needs for healthcare products' international commercialization in order to maximize value both for the products and the companies.

Upstate Venture Connect

Upstate Venture Connect is being built on the collaboration between existing institutions, resources and world class human assets. Upstate's future economy depends upon the region's ability to generate new, fast growing companies. This will come from industries that are just now emerging. Upstate Venture Connect will create paths to connect our high education institutions and community based entrepreneur support programs, focused outreach to our college alumni as well as the individuals seeking to start and build new companies in the innovation economy.


Wise is a women’s center for new and existing businesses. They help entrepreneurs get started and help them along the way in their journey of making their dream business a success. Several networking and educational events are held throughout the year. The annual spring women’s symposium is a national recognized event.

Anchor Tenants


End-to-end provider of secure, high performance multi-platform collaboration; patented event-sharing technology provides secure communication for voice, video, instant messaging, browsing, files and applications.


Not-for-profit regional trade association comprised of Upstate NY technology manufacturers, research institutions, and allied profession services and economic development organizations to promote the commercialization of medical products.

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